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IMPLY® developed a new Bowling concept. IMPLY® BOWLING CAFÉ provides all emotion of the official lanes. It's the perfect solution for achieving big results in small places. Bowling Café strikes all ages and suits all entertainment applications.It provides guaranteed attractive impact for family fun, happy hours, birthday parties, and more. Up to 6 players can compete in the same game in a casual atmosphere, that doesn't require the use of special shoes.


Operated by coin, token or smartcard, requires no attendant employes or management central. With joystick control, it is easy to operate. Just insert a credit and play!

The Bowling Café lanes are literally turned into a show of lights, colors and music. The special glow in the dark inks and pigments present in its components, interact with the black lights, resulting in a great attractio

Led's along the Lane:
The lighting system with Led's on the lanes divisions provides several visual effects that complement the Bright Bowling.

Publicitary Panels:
Are shown during pins resetting. You can rent the panels for advertisement, generating an extra income.

Overhead LCD Displays:
Ultimate design and modernity. The 32” flat LCD monitors display the lanes’ scoring and TV or DVD images.

Bowling Lounge Furnitures:
With Imply® Bowling Lounge furniture line is designed to create a lounge atmosphere, providing greater comfort to your customers and maximizing the time they spend in your center. That means greater public satisfaction and more revenue for your bowling. The furnitures of different colors offer perfect combinations for different bowling decorations. With the Bowling Lounge line, your bowling will offer a high level of entertainment and much more comfort and elegance.

Custom Animations:
At each frame, is shown a 3D animation corresponding to the score, providing more fun and interactivity.

Official Balls and Pins:
Bowling Café includes Official Pins and UV Glow House Balls in various weights and colors.
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