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Revested with eco-friendly fenolic synthetic laminates of high quality and durability, Imply® Official iBowling lanes are only one of the components that make the iBowling system a technology show. The iBowling Imply® System provides to you the market's latest technology innovations, with the most modern and bold technology applied to Entertainment.

Terrestrial Multi-Functions Terminal:
With a bold slim design, the terminals provide a modern decoration for your bowling. And it’s LCD Touchscreen exempts the use of a keyboard, allowing the players to access all the lane control functions through a simple touch on the screen.
Overhead LCD Displays:
The maximum in design and modernity. The flat screen 32” LCD’s display the lanes score and TV or DVD images, controled by the Management Central. And when the lanes are close, they can present personalized messages. Thus, it is possible to disclose promotions, congratulate a customer on a special occasion, recognize happy hour groups, or rent this spaces for publicity, generating extra incomes.
Led's along the Lane:
The lighting system with Led's on the lanes divisions provides several visual effects that complement the Bright Bowling.
Bright Bowling:
The bowling lanes are literally transformed into a show of colors, lights and music. The glow-in-the-dark pigments used on the equipment components, interact with the black lights, resulting in a great glow attraction. To maximize the effect, can be used color dancing lights, strobo lights, smoke effects, and others. This effect creates a contagious environment among players, increasing the time customers spend at the bowling.
Publicitary Panels:
Shown during the pins resetting, they are a place of great visibility for all players. Ideal for advertisement, can be rented for sponsors, generating an extra income to the Bowling.

Lane with fenolic synthetic laminates:
With 10.000 cycles of resistance and Bright Bowling effect, Imply® lanes look like new for many years of use.

Automatic Bumpers:
Allows children and new players to have an option that makes the ball avoid the gutters. It is an option accessible from the terminals during the game.

New Software:
The iBowling Imply® System has the most modern software on the market. It offers:

  • Multi-Languages System: Allows the player to select the language to command the lanes. With a touch on the screen, it is possible to choose among several languages, as english, portuguese, spanish, french and more. Any foreign tourist will feel at home at your Imply® Bowling Center!
  • 3D Animations: At each frame, is shown a 3d animation corresponding to the score, providing more fun and interactivity.
  • Software with internet remote updates.
  • Integrated fault line: Allows an individual configuration for each player, providing more security.
  • Configurable screensavers: Shown when the lane is closed, can be rented for sponsors, generating an extra income.
  • Multiplatform compatibility: Can be installed both on Linux or Windows environments.
  • Personalized messages: Are scrolled at the bottom of the screen, can disclose promotions, events and company informations.
  • Automatic Ranking: At the end of the game, classifies the players score in three categories (male, female and children).
  • Send torpedoes: Allows to send messages from one lane to another, or from the management central to the lanes.

BowlingNet System:
Allows the owner to remotely manage his Imply® Bowling Center, from any place of the world through the Internet. With this system, the owner can view the income of each lane or from all of them. It allows to see in real time which are the open lanes, and many other useful informations.

Management Central:
Besides managing the Imply® bowling lanes, it allows to control other equipments, such as snooker tables, video games, cybercafe, and others (optional), allowing to monitore all bowling operations through reports.

Imply® Bowling Equipments are developed to require minimum maintenance. Besides, the operation is facilitated by the use of market standard technologies, such as TCP/IP, Ethernet networks, multiplatform software (Linux or Windows), and modularity and plates connections, with remote updates via Internet and total telephone support. Imply® Equipments are recognized with CE certificate, following international quality standards.
Bowling Lounge Furnitures
Imply® Bowling Lounge furniture line is designed to create a lounge atmosphere, providing greater comfort to your customers and maximizing the time they spend in your center. That means greater public satisfaction and more revenue for your bowling. The furnitures of different colors offer perfect combinations for different bowling decorations. With the Bowling Lounge line, your bowling will offer a high level of entertainment and much more comfort and elegance.

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